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Where are you located?

Located in 21 countries across the globe, we're here, wherever you need us. This empowers us to be present where the apparel supply chain requires our services the most. With needlepoint manufacturing, we provide local support from our customer success teams with the assurance of global supply.

I have a project and would like to get in touch

We are always looking to engage with new brands and ideas, and would be delighted to collaborate with you and discuss your requirements further. To get in touch, please contact hello@itl-group.com to start our journey together. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Do ITL Group offer label solutions?

From Concept & Development all the way to sourcing and production, we’re with you every step of the way. Nobody knows your brand better than you but interpreting your vision into a finished label is not always an easy process. Our technical approach to our solutions support you throughout this process and ensure speed to market is maintained.

Do you offer design for labels?

Yes, we offer design services for your specific label needs. Our team of skilled designers can work closely with you to create custom label designs that align with your brand image and meet your specific requirements.

Are you sustainable?

At ITL, we understand that the products and solutions we offer are just as important as how we-offer them. That’s why we’ve not only continued to widen our offering of sustainable products and solutions but are also improving our supply chain processes and ways of working to minimise our environmental impact. This includes integrating a sustainability dashboard that measures our production impact globally, as well as beginning our journey of tracing our own supply chain from raw materials to our factories.

Can ITL Group's labels help protect products against counterfeiting?

ITL can support brands in protecting their products with a broad range of anti-counterfeit solutions including holograms, trace, track and authenticate solution, security inks and yarns.

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