Variable Data

Your critical information passport
Automated Global Data intregity with ITL

Variable data tickets and labels are essential tools for conveying crucial information throughout the supply chain process. They are vital in ensuring that products are tracked from production to the store and even during returns.

For consumers, these tickets and labels provide crucial information such as prices and other data points that are crucial to their purchase decisions.

Your data is automated through LabelVantage™ , ensuring succinct integration with our factory's machines.
Through LabelVantage™ we can offer sequential numbering globally ensuring no two labels are the same

ITL is a global leader in integrating and translating customer data into finished products, both in terms of hosting and sharing information.

Online Ordering Platform

ITL's online ordering platform, LabelVantage™ facilitates easy ordering and automatic interaction with our global production sites.


We offer various variable data products, including adhesive stickers, care labels, tickets, barcode solutions, box-end labelling, transit labelling, variable data heat transfers, QR codes and more.


RFID tags are a highly versatile way of carrying variable data. When used with a ticket or sticker that also carries variable data, they create a complete solution that can provide the user with physical and electronic information.

Maintained variable data quality standards, globally: With our seamless global connectivity and centralised management through AWS, we can confidently offer you automated GTIN and SGTIN barcode printing with sequential numbering, fully customised to meet your brand's specific requirements.

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