Enhance supply chain efficiency and scale the channel-agnostic buying experience of today's consumers. From source to distribution centre, in-store and beyond.
In short
Maximise the benefits of RFID technology for your business while streamlining the adoption process with our integrated 360RFID solutions. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure a seamless transition to RFID technology, allowing you to enjoy the full range of benefits with a full suite of products and solutions from ITL. Get the most out of your RFID investment and take your business to the next level with our 360RFID solutions.
RFID Labels


Software (ReflectRFID)

Global Account Support

Blended Solutions at Source
(Your) Benefits
Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Inventory Management Visibility

Omni Channel Integration

Loss Prevention  

RFID & Tags
RFID & Tags
Our verticality means we can customise, convert and offer an extensive range of best in-class consumables tailored to meet the demands of your retail environment.
Data Management Platform
Data Management Platform
Label Vantage™ ensures your labels are delivered quickly, reliably and on a global scale.
Global Printing & Encoding Bureaus
Global Printing & Encoding Bureaus
We use our software application to communicate between labels, the scanners and data.
RFID Hardware
RFID Hardware
Our 360 RFID solution can improve item-availability, customer experience, loss prevention and checkout experience.
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software
Our scalable cloud-based software, that offers real time, shareable and accurate item-level inventory.
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