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LabelVantage™ - A versatile solution for global operations.
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Our cloud-based platform, LabelVantage™, allows brands, retailers, vendors, and factories to place on-demand orders globally for their labeling needs.
Cloud-based ordering

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Automated processing

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Scale globally, efficiency  

Trace and check orders on demand
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Automated ordering systems reduce the need for manual order processing, reduce errors and increase speed.

ITL's LabelVantage™ is a global cloud-based platform that speeds up and improves order accuracy, which is critical for variable data. It scales with your business, streamlines ordering, and reduces the need for manual input, enhancing your factory's experience.

Automated Integrations: Our dedicated customer success team will seamlessly integrate your ERP / API data with LabelVantage. Each group login will be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and secure process across your value chain.

Trace & Track: You can view your orders and their process on demand, enabling you to know when your goods will be ready and at what stage they are.

Maintained variable data quality standards, globally: With our seamless global connectivity and centralised management through AWS, we can confidently offer you automated GTIN and SGTIN barcode printing with sequential numbering, fully customised to meet your brand's specific requirements.

After-sales advantages: Brands and Vendors benefit from access to reports, enabling a holistic look at their procurement activities. Factories can reorder, access and download communication on demand.

RFID and QR Code enabled: All of our RFID programs are scaled with LabelVantage, which is a standard feature. This feature ensures that data printing and encoding are streamlined and unique globally, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your label ordering process. Additionally, QR codes are printed and serialised, which can be utilised within the supply chain, such as in warehousing, or to increase consumer-facing interactivity with your brand.

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