A swift connection between you and your consumer  
In short
NFC tags or labels can be placed on products, providing customers with instant access to a URL of your choice. Helping to provide detailed information such as product specifications and authentication. This helps customers make informed purchasing decisions and enhances their shopping experience.
Embedded NFC Inlays into labels and tickets that empowers consumers to seamlessly interact with their products or services.

Blended solutions: We can encode in our factories or supply blank stock for you to encode.
(Your) Benefits
Elevate your product and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Product Authentication

Product Information

Consumer Engagement

Authenticate your products: Utilising NFC technology can provide a powerful gateway to authenticate, protect, and validate your product while simultaneously creating opportunities for consumer engagement with your brand.

Interactive Displays: With NFC technology integrated into displays or signage, customers can have an interactive and personalised shopping experience. By simply tapping their device, they can access branded content and promotions, creating an immersive environment that makes shopping more exciting.

Consumer Engagement: By using NFC technology, brands can establish a stronger connection with their consumers. By directing them to their website or social media, they not only provide additional advocacy but also offer a more interactive experience. Which may lead to richer marketing analytics. Furthermore, it is an effective way for consumers to learn more about the product they are interested in, quickly whenever they need to.

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