Alternative Collection

Reducing Dependence and Pressure on our Planets Resources
Our collection of alternative materials focuses on products that we have
sourced or innovated within our factories to provide brands with solutions
that meet form, function, and support our planetary finite resources.
Intertwined with ITL’s C.A.R.E and Sustainability technical guide, these
products are designed to help your brand achieve its environmental
and social goals and are closely linked to ITL’s ethos surrounding sustainability
and responsibility.
ITL's Sugar Cane swing tickets next to sugar cane from ITL's Alternative Series Collection.

Creating and Crafting with C.A.R.E.

The C.A.R.E Collection is an award-winning range of conscious, affordable, responsible, and ethical labels. These labels can significantly reduce your brand's environmental impact without compromising on aesthetics or performance. Our technical experts worldwide have contributed to this collection, providing their specific field knowledge, resulting in an culmination of their inputs.

ITL's Crush Corn swing tickets with corn husks from their Alternative Collections Series

Delve into our Sustainability Technical Product Guide

Our Sustainability Technical Product Guide is a practical tool designed to assist brands and retailers in the complex field of sustainable product development. By providing science-based information, we empower our customers to make informed choices that directly reduce their environmental impact, making it a valuable resource for any business looking to improve their sustainability practices.

Our customers can view our digital resources Otherwise, please contact us if you require access and are not a current customer.

Reduce your labelling impact without reducing its aesthetic appeal.
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