Our Impact Report 2023 Is Now Live!

January 2023

Download Our Latest Impact Report.

At ITL, our approach to doing business responsibly is interconnected with the apparel value chain and the communities it supports. By publishing our 2023 report, we are incredibly proud to share with you the impactful progress we are making from an environmental and social perspective.

In response to the significant legislative and regulatory reforms shaping the apparel industry, our corporate responsibility approach follows a grassroots methodology resulting in the formation of a global ITL ESG Committee led by Jimmy Christopher, our Group Sustainability Officer. This group comprises representatives from all facilities who advocate and share knowledge, learnings, and best practices. This hands-on approach enables us to make informed governance decisions to meet the needs of our diverse global ITL community.

What's Inside?

Our report highlights the initiatives we believe are fundamental to protecting our environment and cohabitating communities. We begin the report by reaffirming our strategic direction and the swiftness with which we have undertaken sourcing and manufacturing best practices via several accreditations and affiliations. Furthermore, we have outlined our key metrics and progress which strengthen our business responsibility while advocating towards our stakeholders' ESG targets in brand, retail, and supply chain.

We emphasise our ten Sustainable Development Goals and commitment to the UN Global Compact by presenting ITL-led metrics demonstrating our accountability and advocacy. In part three, we illustrate how we have applied our strategic social and environmental initiatives to our products and solutions for immediate impacts. We conclude by sharing our social commitments to our global ITL communities and highlight three of our production regions that have undertaken local social and environmental endeavours that contribute to our broader goals.

With all our continued collective efforts, we are confident that we can make a meaningful impact and create a sustainable future for generations to come…

At ITL, we have placed a significant emphasis on our Social and Environmental Sustainability policies. These reflect our commitment to ethical business practices that benefit our community, the planet and our clients. In support of our commitments, we have implemented various certifications, programmes, and memberships. Our efforts not only benefit the planet but also enable us to provide our clients with the best quality products and services.

Our report provides information on our social and environmental sustainability vision and the progress we are making within this framework.

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