ITL is recognised as
Higg Index Leader  

Within Cascale's 2023 membership year
ITL + Cascale

Global, June 2024

ITL-Group, a global leader in apparel labelling products and solutions, is proud to announce that we have been awarded Leader Status for Cascale's 2023 membership cycle. This prestigious recognition highlights our integrated and comprehensive use of the Higg suite of tools to advance our social and environmental initiatives.

Leadership Status

The Leader Status is the highest attainable level, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Our ongoing efforts with the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) and Facility Social and Labor Module (FSLM) have driven significant progress towards our company-wide macro goals. All ITL-owned factories undergo rigorous Higg audits, ensuring external verification and validation for our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

"We are thrilled to have been awarded Leader Status for our Cascale Membership Requirements for the 2023 cycle. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our facilities and their hard work on both the Higg FEM and FSLM. We look forward to continuing our efforts to combat climate change, ensure decent work for all, and shape a nature-positive future."

- Jimmy Christopher, SVP Group Sustainability & Innovation at ITL

Leveraging Higg Index Suite of tools

ITL continues to add value for our customers by leveraging the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) with our proprietary solution, intelligen™. This award-winning platform applies small dimensional changes to labels or packaging designs, minimising waste and enhancing sustainability without impacting cost or performance. With intelligen™, ITL can provide impactful data powered by the Higg MSI, to help our customers make significant strides in their sustainability journeys.

This award highlights our unwavering commitment to social and environmental adoption, verification, transparency, and impact while showcasing innovative solutions like intelligen™, which provides global-scale benefits to our customers and their stakeholders.

To discover ITL’s portfolio of sustainable solutions, click here

Additionally, to explore some of our global initiatives, with access to our impact report, please visit our ESG dedicated page here

About ITL-Group

ITL-Group is a global manufacturer of labelling products and solutions dedicated to supporting sustainability and ethical practices in the apparel industry through innovative solutions and comprehensive environmental strategies.

Present across 21 locations globally, we offer our customers needlepoint support with global account management. Throughout your journey with ITL, we prioritise service, innovation, creativity, and customer insights to craft, manufacture and deliver label products and solutions that seamlessly reflect your brand. Furthermore, our holistic supply chain solutions support your brand from upstream to downstream, in-store and online, improving consumer experiences and advocacy.

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