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Consumer experience has reached new heights as brands compete in a crowded market for continued advocacy with their audience. With the onset of Web3, speed, availability, and accessibility are evermore prevalent.  

NFC for example, a long-standing feature of the luxury market, is now being used in conjunction with QR codes to bridge the gap between the physical consumer and the digital marketplace. This innovative combination provides access to immersive experiences,  authentication and facilitates additional purchases. Critically, these labels, act as gateways to the apparel supply chain when they are equipped with their own unique digital ID. This ID allows the consumer to trace the origin of their garments, as well as help increase circularity, a valuable feature in the increasingly regulated industry.

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Product Engineering


Label product engineering with sustainability at its core.


Ensure a seamless adoption process and continue to generate maximum benefits for your business.

QR Code Solution

Sustainability, circularity, and traceability with one easy scan.

Brand Protection

ITL can support brands in protecting their products with a broad range of anti-counterfeit solutions.


Providing customers with instant access to detailed information.
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